NIght Wings Night Wings The goal of the Night Wing Edition is to present a journal dedicated to the presentation and preservation of the Phalene, the original Continental Toy Spaniel. Louann Hanson is the editor for this wonderful newsletter. Night Wings edition is published four times a year. The subscription rate is ten dollars a year. Please email Louann at  louannh @ to find out where to send your subscription or what address if you want to send in photos or articles. As of September 2003 there are seventy subscribers world-wide. Included in Night Wings Edition are   Photos, Wins, occasional Phalenes for sale, articles on training, medical interests, books for sale, and many other items of interest to people who enjoy Phalenes. Each edition is different and may not contain each of the listed items. A special thank you to Jeri Naylor and Carol Wolf who  were co-editors of Night Wings for more than  eight years. Lorem ipsum dolor 2010 Lorem ipsum dolor 2010 © Phalene Fanciers 2001 - 2011 No photos or articles ay be copied without written permissio Volume 1, NR 4. September 2003 issue You may click on the ovals to see a free copy of Page 1             Page 2            Page 3            Page 4   Page 5             Page 6           Page 7           Page 8 © Phalene Fanciers 2001 - 2011 No photos or articles may be copied without written permission